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In Person Dog Training and Behaviour Coaching Especially for Small Breed Dogs

Do you dread your daily walk because your small dog won't stop barking?

Are you worried about your dog's biting, growling or nipping?

Is training your puppy turning out to be much harder than you thought it would be?

It's frustrating when others dismiss your little dog's stress as small dog syndrome and upsetting when people assume that you haven't done any dog training. 

I know how that feels. When I first adopted our rescue terrier Hope, she barked at literally everything, lunged at traffic and was nicknamed the piranha because she had little tolerance for handling. It was hard to know where to start! But with teaching, patience and understanding she's become confident, affectionate and a joy to spend time with.

Small breed dogs like terriers, dachshunds and cockapoos are often misunderstood. Generic dog training often doesn't work for them resulting in them being labelled as stubborn or difficult.

I'll help you understand your small dog.  I'll show you how to train in a way that makes their sense to your dog and builds their confidence. I'll help you both start enjoying your time together again. Book a free 20 minute discovery call to find out how I can help you.

Michael & Millie (Miniature Schnauzer)

Rachel is an accomplished and highly professional dog trainer. She is friendly, patient and knowledgeable and gears her training towards the dogs and their family rather than following a script. We would unhesitatingly recommend Rachel to others.

Source: Find a Dog Trainer

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Does your small dog really think they're a big dog? Is small dog syndrome a real condition?

Discover the real reasons small dogs have a big reputation along with 3 simple but effective tips that will help your reactive dog feel calmer

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Helping your small dog feel like a big dog

Stubborn, aggressive, hyperactive, jumps up, doesn't listen, nips, barks all the time, hates grooming....

Sound familiar? You're not alone. These are all common problems in small breed dogs. But contrary to what you might have been told or read on Google, your dog is highly unlikely to be seeking world domination!

Your dog will act out their feelings, they're not acting up. Their behaviour is way of telling you they're anxious, overwhelmed, scared or experiencing discomfort.

I will help you understand what your dog is telling you and strategies that will help them feel confident, safe and happy. 

The strategies I give you will be tailored for you and your dog so you don't need to worry about how you're going to find the time or whether you'll be able to manage it

Areas covered:
Hythe, Dibden, Holbury, Blackfield, Beaulieu, Brockenhurst, Lymington, Marchwood, Totton, Ashurst, Romsey, Eastleigh, Southampton

Qualified IMDT Dog Trainer
UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter
OCN Canine Behaviour Consultations
Approved Dog Trainer Dog Training College
Force free training Professional Dog Trainer

I'm a fully Qualified IMDT Dog Trainer, an Approved Dog Trainer with the Dog Training College and have a Level 4 OCN in Canine Behaviour. I continually update my knowledge through courses and study to bring you the most up-to-date and effective methods of training your dog. I am currently studying towards Level 5.

I'm committed to promoting kind, ethical, evidence based, modern methods of working with dogs and with people. I am a proud supporter of the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter and the Pet Professional Guild.

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