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Are you fed up with your puppy's constant biting?

Overwhelmed by all the conflicting advice you've read and nothing seems to be working?

Do you find it difficult to commit to a class because your weekends are full with family or work commitments?

If you got a small-breed puppy, you might be finding it harder than you imagined it would be.  But smaller puppies don't means smaller problem. In fact it's especially important to get it right now because it's often when your puppy reaches adolescence that behaviour problems will emerge or get worse.

I've tried using treats but my puppy won't listen

Reward based training isn't about just throwing treats around and hoping for the best. Your puppy's routines, the places you're trying to train, your choice of reward, your timing and delivery can all make things better or worse. 

While it's tempting to pick a small puppy up when they don't listen, overhandling at this age is one of the chief reasons for small dogs starting to bite hard when they're older

But surely my puppy needs to be in a group class so they can get used to other dogs?

For a small breed puppy it can be quite unnerving being in a class with lots of puppies who are often twice their size. They can often be too distracted to learn leaving you feeling disheartened. 

Puppy socialisation and training isn't about interacting with lots of other puppies, it's about learning to feel calm and confident in the presence of other dogs, animals, traffic, people. To be able to handle the challenges that real life situations will present.  

Why private puppy training might be the best choice for you and your puppy

You prefer one-to-one coaching to big groups

Your puppy hasn't completed their vaccinations yet but you don't to miss the crucial window for socialisation

You want your puppy to learn how to handle real life distractions like New Forest livestock, other dogs, cyclists, traffic or children

You have a puppy breed that needs grooming so you want to learn how to prevent grooming nightmares (it's not just about brushing!)

You want to know how to prevent common small dog problems like barking or biting.

You've got too many commitments to be able to get to a regular weekly class

Book a free 20 minute phone call or Zoom to ask me how I can help

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How to stop puppy biting advice


 How to stop puppy biting

"How can I stop puppy biting?" is one of Google's top dog training related phrases. The problem with many of the suggested solutions is that they don't work for very long!

This short guide will tell you why puppies bite, what won't work and why. You'll also get 3 simple tips that make a big difference 

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Ian, Arnie and Sid (Jack Russell Terriers)

Rachel is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of puppy training, providing brilliant leaflets you can relate to the training just completed which helps with keeping up the daily training. Not only does she get to know the puppies and their personalities really quickly giving relatable information and guidance. Rachel also intuitively knows what training suits the owner best.

Source: Google Reviews

Small Breed Puppy Training
New Forest & Southampton

(Packages start from £360 which can be split into 2 monthly payments if needed)

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  • 6 x 121 training sessions with you and your puppy

  • At your home and with you on your walk (Zoom if not in New Forest or Southampton)

  • Learn how to train your puppy in a way that prevents frustration, confusion and becoming dependent on bribery

  • Save time with stress free solutions and training that's tailored to your puppy and your life

  • Printed handouts to refer back to

  • Telephone/Email access between sessions

  • Ideal for puppies under 1 years old and time pressed puppy parents who can't commit to a regular class

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  • Everything in Standard, Plus:

  • Twice per week training and socialisation walk done for you, over 5 weeks

  • Take the pressure off yourself knowing your puppy is getting expert training when you're pressed for time

  • Speed up your puppy's progress

  • Photo/video progress updates after each training session

  • Recommended if you have more than one dog, you have children or you don't drive

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  • Consultation before you commit to a puppy to ensure you've chosen the right breed for you

  • Home routine and set up planning to help prevent common first week mistakes

  • A starter pack with recommended leads, chews, treats and a toy 

  • 6 x 121 training sessions with you and your puppy and everything else in Standard

  • 2 x Weekly socialisation and training outings and everything else in Premium

  • Recommended if this is your first puppy or your first puppy for a while, you're looking for a rescue puppy, you have a dog already, you have children or you don't drive

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