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Rachel's Recommendations

Dog equipment, enrichment and toys which I use and love both for my own dog and in helping you with your dog.

Tug-E-Nuff Dog Toys

Does your dog jump up? Chase everything that moves? Bites your sleeves and ankles? Doesn't show much interest in treats? There's a toy for that!

Maybe you'd like to use toys but your dog doesn't show much interest. There's a toy for that too!

Using toys in your dog training has lots of benefits. It helps with learning, confidence building, self control and resilience to frustration. Toys also provide an outlet for instinctive behaviours like biting and chasing.

Tip: When playing with toys, slow down! Before you release the toy, wait for something you like, for example a sit so your dog is exercising self control.

Use the link below and enter the code LITTLERASCALSDOGCOACHING for a 10% discount or the code SUMMER for a 15% discount off 2 toys


Dicky Bags - no more swinging a stinky poo bag!

As a dog owner living in the New Forest, you'll know there are few poo bins around which presents a few problems.

Dog poo doesn't break down like pony poo and contains parasites that can cause cows to abort their babies so you want to pick it up.

If your dog waits until the middle of your walk, you have to carry a stinky bag around with you

When you take it away with you, you either put up with the smell in your car or hang it from your rear windscreen wiper - nice!

These clever Dicky Bags are the answer! Instead of carrying your filled poo bags around, pop them in this little bag that can be clipped to a belt. They even come with a scented disc that helps conceal the smell in your car.

I have a small number of these in stock, if you'd like to get your hands on one just send me an email

Biothane Long Line

A 10m lightweight long line has so many uses and benefits.  

For dogs who are fearful or anxious, a long line helps give them the perception of choice, the option to move further away. If your dog is inclined to run towards things that worry them (terriers often do this!), the long line helps prevent this and keep them out of trouble.

If you've got a puppy or an adolescent dog you might be wondering when it's safe to let  your dog off lead. A long line will help you answer this question. If you never have to rely on the long line to recall your dog then your dog is probably safe off lead. If you regularly rely on the long line then your dog needs more practice at recall training.

Using long lines successfully does involve a little skill and practice so get in touch if you need help with this.

I recommend biothane lines for dog training in the New Forest because they don't soak up the water, if they run through cow poo they wipe clean and they don't snag as easily on the heather.

This link is for a 10 metre biothane long line, the length I'd recommend. (This is an affiliate link, it won't cost you any more but generates me a small amount of commission that helps me pay for this website)

Perfect Fit Dog Harness

Contrary to popular opinion, harnesses don't teach your dog to pull. Harnesses and collars are just clothes. They have no magical properties, they just make your dog feel more or less comfortable.

The more comfortable your dog feels, the easier it is for them to concentrate and learn.

It can be hard to find a well fitting harness for small dogs and mixed breed dogs. Perfect Fit harnesses solve this problem by coming in 3 individual pieces for a bespoke fit.

If you're doing one-to-one training with me, I can help you with measuring your dog to identify the right size. I no longer supply these but can help you with sourcing the right size.

If you want more information about how to stop your dog pulling on the lead check out my blog article "Help! My dog keeps pulling on the lead!"


LickiMat Tuff

Imagine living off meal replacement shakes or dehydrated camping meals. Nutritionally complete on paper but joyless in experience. And how much more enjoyable and relaxing is food that involves interaction and effort?

Enrichment feeding is hugely beneficial for dogs. It helps to calm them down, relax them for sleep and recover from stressful experiences. 

If you've got a dog who likes to shred things or a puppy, these tough Lickimats are ideal. 

Stop your dog from jumping up at tables by spreading wet or raw food on a Lickimat for a longer lasting meal.

This link is for the Lickimat Tuff via Amazon. (This is an affiliate link which won't cost you anymore but may give me a small amount of commission which helps me pay for this website)

window film.jpg

Rabbitgoo Window Film

From your dog's point of view, barking at windows works.  They're not spending time pondering the potential reasons for someone passing by. To them it's quite simple: someone comes along, they bark, someone disappears.

Over time, it can become increasingly harder for your dog to switch off as they spend more and more time watching out for intruders

Non-adhesive window film is an inexpensive solution to reducing barking without sacrificing light

This link is for Rabbitgoo window film via Amazon. (This is an affiliate link which won't cost you anymore but may give me a small amount of commission which helps me pay for this website)

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