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miniature schnauzer training with a tug-e-nuff toy on a solo dog training walk near Beaulieu


Do you have an adolescent dog or reactive dog who would find it hard to  cope with a group dog walk?

Are you thinking about booking one-to-one dog training and behaviour support but you're worried you don't have the time to commit to the practice?

Have you stopped enjoying your walks because your reactive dog barks at everything?

Upgrade your one-to-one training package to include solo training walks where I do training with your dog for you

What happens on a solo dog training walk?

Collection and drop off to your home

Walk locations and activities carefully chosen with your dog's specific needs in mind and the activities we'll do to help them succeed

Homework from your one-to-one training sessions done for you to help accelerate their progress

Not just a walk round the park, each walk is planned to include play, training and enrichment activities so your dog returns relaxed, tired and ready to sleep

I haven't done one-to-one training with you, can my dog still do solo dog training walks? 

Solo walks are exclusively available to those who have committed to at least one course of one-to-one dog training. Without one-to-one training, the most likely result would be that your dog behaves one way with me and another with you. Consistency is essential for your dog to succeed and ultimately, I want you to enjoy time with your dog as much as I do!

I've done training with you before but we haven't see you for a while, could my dog do solo training walks?

Get in touch and we'll have a chat about the best options for your dog according to the stage they're at now

Little Rascal Adventures

Group Dog Training Walks for Small Dogs Only

Would you like your little dog to enjoy the company of similarly sized dog friends?

Are you worried about your dog going on a group dog walk in case they pick up bad habits from other dogs who might not have had as much training?

Would you like the peace of mind of knowing your dog walker is a professional dog trainer who knows how to get the best out of your dog?

If you've completed a course of one-to-one coaching and your dog has been doing well on their solo dog walks, I may offer you a place on a group dog training and socialisation walk.

Small dogs on group dog walk on a beach near Hythe and Waterside

What happens on a Little Rascals Adventure?

Collection and drop off to your home

Usually 3 dogs on each walk but never more than 4

Small dogs only, no fear of injury from being rugby tackled by an over enthusiastic Labrador!

No need to worry about your hard work being compromised because I will be continuing the training we've been doing

Each walk is planned for variety and to include play, training and enrichment activities so your dog returns relaxed, tired and ready to sleep

The Little Rascals Roadmap of Progression

Do love the idea that one day your dog might be able to enjoy a group walk with friends their own size?

Lots of people feel the same way but finding the right group of dogs for your dog isn't easy

I don't want to leave you to fend for yourself when we've finished our training course. And I love spending time with your dog! So I decided to set up a progression plan to help so you can relax knowing your dog is with someone they already know and love- me!

Reactive Dog Training

Teenage Dog Training

Solo Dog Training Walks

Little Rascals Adventures - Group walk

Val & Robin (Romanian Rescue)

Our dog Robin was a very nervous dog from Romania. With help from Rachel he is now a happy and relaxed dog. Thank you Rachel

Source: Find a Dog Trainer

UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter
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I'm a fully Qualified IMDT Dog Trainer, an Approved Dog Trainer with the Dog Training College and have a Level 4 OCN in Canine Behaviour. I continually update my knowledge through courses and study to bring you the most up-to-date and effective methods of training your dog. I am currently studying towards Level 5.

I'm committed to promoting kind, ethical, evidence based, modern methods of working with dogs and with people. I am a proud supporter of the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter and the Pet Professional Guild.

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