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Do you dread your daily walk because your small dog barks at everything they see?

Are you worried about your dog's growling, biting or nipping?

Is it a nightmare taking your dog to the groomer or vet?

Don't wait any longer to ask for help with your dog's behaviour. Smaller dogs don't mean smaller problems and the longer you leave them the bigger they get.

Contrary to popular opinion, small dogs don't think they're big dogs and they're not trying to dominate you. Nor are they being deliberately difficult. Most of the time they're just scared.  They need to feel confident you'll keep them safe, confident they can communicate and be listened to and confident they have choices in difficult situations.  My training is tailored to the unique challenges that small dogs face, to help them grow in confidence and give you your confidence back too.

Book a free 20 minute phone call or Zoom and tell me what you're struggling with.

Sarah and Butch (Yorkshire Terrier)

Amazing progress with my Yorkie who has fear based aggression and anxiety. Rachel spent time getting to know and understanding his issues. She gave me specific instructions/tools to use. Very supportive, excellent guidance and would highly recommend Little Rascals Dog Coaching.

Source: Google Reviews

Dog Training and Behaviour for a Shih tzu in Hythe, Southampton
Dog trainer in Dibden training a terrier
training a reactive dog in the New Forest, Southampton
Training for a reactive small dog


Calming your reactive small dog

Discover the real reasons small dogs have such a big reputation for barking and biting, what WON'T work and why. Plus 3 simple, but effective tips that will start to help your reactive dog feel calmer

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Specialist Dog Training for Small Dogs

Common small dog behaviour problems include (but are not limited to) reactive behaviour on walks, barking at or nipping visitors, growling or biting when being groomed or handled, resource guarding and toileting indoors.

Traditional style obedience training or generic puppy classes often don't help because they're not tailored for your dog's individual traits or needs.

The dog training and behaviour support you receive from me is different. I specialise in working with small breed dogs so you'll get help that is tailored to address the unique challenges small dogs encounter, helping them develop calmness and confidence.

If you live in the New Forest or Southampton area coaching is on a one-to-one basis at your home or with you on your walk. If you're further away, coaching is via Zoom. Scheduling is flexible so no need to worry you won't be able to commit. 

121 Reactive Dog Training
New Forest and Southampton

(Packages start from £220 which can be split into 2 monthly payments if needed)

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  • 3 x 121 training sessions with you and your dog

  • At your home or on your walk (Zoom if you're not in the New Forest or Southampton areas)

  • Understand what your dog is trying to tell you so we can teach them calmer ways of asking for help

  • Learn training approaches that build confidence and cooperation for stress free walks or growl free grooming

  • Written notes to refer back to

  • Telephone/Email access between sessions

  • Ideal if you need a little extra help but feel confident in being able to practice on your own. 

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  • 6 x 121 training session over 6 or 12 weeks

  • Everything in Standard, Plus:

  • Training foundations that build the cooperation and calmness that are essential for overcoming more complex problems.

  • Recommended if your dog hasn't done much training before or there are a number of things your dog finds difficult

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  • Everything in Standard or Premium plus:

  • Twice per week training sessions done for you, over 5 weeks

  • Relief from stress for you

  • Photo/video progress updates after each training session

  • Speed up your dog's progress with 5-6 weeks of regular consistent training

  • Ideal if you have more than one dog or work/family commitments make it hard to find time for training

  • New Forest/Southampton only

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