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Home Care While You're Away
Cat on a Soft Blanket

Home Care for Cats and Small Furries 

£12 per visit

Cats and small animals are often happier and less stressed staying in their own home while you're away.

SO45 Postcode Area Only

Dwarf Rabbit

If they are shy around strangers we'll make sure they're looked after while respecting their space to prevent any unnecessary stress. Although we do find that after a few days most cats become more confident once they realise we're there to deliver food!

We can visit once or twice a day, feed, change water, administer medication, clear up any accidents and clean out litter trays and hutches. For those who want to interact, we'll also play, give affection and groom.

We can also carry out simple home security measures such as switching lights on/off, drawing and opening curtains/blinds and putting out/bringing in rubbish and recycling bins.

For your peace of mind you'll also get regular updates with photos and we'll keep hold of your key until we know you're safely home, just in case of any travel delays.

(Cat and Small Animal Care is provided by my daughter Isla)

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