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Happy customers say....

Amazing progress with my reactive Yorkie!

Amazing progress with my Yorkie who has fear based aggression and anxiety. Rachel spent time getting to know and understanding his issues. She gave me specific instructions/tools to use. Very supportive, excellent guidance and would highly recommend Little Rascals Dog Coaching.

Sarah and Butch (Yorkshire Terrier)

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Our vet recommended and we'd agree 100%!

Used little rascals dog coaching for both our dogs. Amazing to watch the trainer who we have dubbed the dog whisperer. Gets results quickly and is very good at explaining dog language -why they do what they do. Both dogs had issues- recall, guarding, toilet training and other behaviours even though both were socialised and in a family environment. Interesting to watch dogs being trained. Vet recommended and we would agree 100%!

Toni, Millie and Clemmie (Boxer, Spaniel)

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Extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of puppy training

Rachel’s training methods were a great boost and gave our pups and us the knowledge and confidence to deal with all aspects of dog care and handling.
Rachel is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of puppy training, providing brilliant leaflets you can relate to the training just completed which helps with keeping up the daily training. Not only does she get to know the puppies and their personalities really quickly giving relatable information and guidance Rachel also intuitively knows what training suits the owner best.
Rachel will always help at anytime with any questions asked.

Ian, Arnie and Sid (Jack Russell Terriers)

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The difference in our life has been immense!

Couldn’t recommend Rachel enough! The difference in our life has been immense, we are unbelievably grateful for the support and advice with both training and lifestyle for our young dog. Thank you again!

Sophia and Arthur (Sealyham Terrier)

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Excellent service from Rachel 

Excellent service from Rachel, she took time to understand our dogs needs and was able to help with a number of strategies for his reactivity towards other dogs. Highly recommended.

Stewart and Dexter (Border Terrier)

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Highly, highly recommended!

I can't recommend Rachel enough. We needed help with our boisterous young puppy, Zola, and the difference is remarkable. Her recall is so much better making our walks more relaxing and enjoyable. We are no longer on edge about her safety or the safety of local wildlife. Rachel made it really simple to learn different ways to communicate with Zola and build new habits for her all with positive reinforcement. Highly, highly recommend.

Nancy and Zola (Labrador)

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Helped us understand her behaviour

Thank you so much Rachel for all your support with my 9 month old puppy! You have helped us to understand her behaviours and ways to manage them. It has been so interesting watching you work with Honey and would highly recommend little rascals dog coaching.

Jess and Honey (Cockapoo)

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Brilliant dog trainer with incredible patience

Both Flake & I greatly enjoyed the puppy classes. Rachel was very helpful and helped us work through several different issues we had during the time we were together. Initially when coming to puppy training I had a 4 month old puppy who was terrified of being away from me and extremely impatient, jumped up constantly and lacked control. I left the course with a puppy who was confident, happy and well behaved (80% of the time!). Rachel really helped me to connect with my puppy and to teach him and I how to come together as a team. The course focused on basic obedience training in addition to desensitisation towards objects and other animals on walks. Cannot recommend Rachel as a dog trainer enough! 

Summer and Flake (Working Cocker Spaniel)

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Friendly, patient and knowledgable

Rachel Clark is an accomplished and highly professional dog trainer. She is friendly, patient and knowledgeable and gears her training towards the dogs and their family, rather than following a script.    We would unhesitatingly recommend Rachel to others.

Michael and Millie (Miniature Schnauzer)

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Puppy Saviour!

I can’t recommend Rachel enough for the help and expertise she gave when I needed it most! We were a few weeks into having a puppy when the reality of the responsibility hit home! I felt completely out of my depth but along came Rachel with her calming manner to save the day! Rachel was able to give specific advice to puppy proofing my house and garden along with tips that would help build my pups confidence which in turn would help with separation anxiety! I also found her knowledge of puppy play and the best motivational treats to use priceless! I think more than anything Rachel was able to fill ME with confidence to go forward with this new addition to my family! 

Louise and Beans (Working cocker spaniel)

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A great help and support

Rachel has been a great help and support for us when we had behavioural issues with our dog. After a long chat she gave us a list of suggestions to tweak the way we were doing things with her, from food, to walking, and others. This helped us relieve multiple potential stress areas and give our dog the right environment (recent house move, new child, bad leg... she had a lot going on at once!) and the space she was asking for with her behavioural changes. She was also incredibly helpful in finding us a new vet after feeling let down by ours. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rachel, our dog is doing much, much better and now waiting for surgery on her leg. Thank you : )

Lucy and Bear (Chow)

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Wonderful trainer!

Rachel is an excellent trainer and behaviourist, she helped us really tap into the way our puppy thought which in turn helped us understand his needs. After a few 121 sessions we had progressed from basic commands to a level that really got our boy using his brain and helped us with a few separation issues. He is now a much more confident and well behaved dog. The way Rachel tackled our issues and training left us also feeling confident instead of that dread of thinking we had no idea. The enrichment ideas she gave us and support was second to none. I would highly recommend Rachel.

Karen and Bobby (Working cocker spaniel)

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Boosted my confidence

Rachel is definitely one to call on. When I hit a bad spot with my little dog she helped boost my confidence which in turn, reassured my dog

Penny and Woody (Dachshund)

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Would recommend for both first time and experienced puppy owners

The puppy training I attended gave my Border Terrier puppy good basic training and socialisation skills. Due to this,  many people have since commented on how calm Max is when I take him out to social venues, such as restaurants etc. Rachel is very helpful and happy to give extra advice and address any specific problems. I would recommend her puppy training for both first time and long term dog owners. 

Pat and Max (Border Terrier)

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From nervous rescue to happy and relaxed

Our dog Robin was a very nervous dog from from Romania. With help from Rachel he is a relaxed and a happy dog now.

Thank you Rachel . 

Val and Robin (Romanian rescue)

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